Your website is a living breathing thing like your business


Let me put it in a different perspective for you about your website – your website is an open door to your customers and prospects. It is ready to help 24/7. It communicates your brand (who you are) and essentially is an investment, and quite possibly your profit source. It’s a vital part of your business.

I understand you’re a small business and often times you wonder about the hosting fees and the cost of the website design – they seem so prohibitive to you.

Look at it this way – when you hired the freelancer to do your logo design – that is an investment towards your brand. You took the time to research to find the right banker who would provide you the right programs for a small business owner.

Now comes the time to do your website – should you do it yourself or hire a professional?

Look at what I said earlier. It is your first impression. A good looking website can help promote your brand and increase the confidence of your website visitors in your business.

A well-designed layout can improve your visitors’ experience.

A beautiful website makes your business look more legitimate.

If you were to visit a store front for the first time – the sign looked tiny, cheap and amateurish. The window display looks messy and disorganized – you would walk away based on that first impression that the store is probably not good.

Quick to judge? That is human nature and let’s all be honest about it.

When is it a good time to invest in your website? You can start with a single page website after you have done your logo, after you have launched your business – (you have opened your business checking account, started going after your target market and have built up a few clients.) and after you have fine tuned your unique selling proposition– you can create your website.

Your first website is expandable but it is also a living breathing thing like your business. Take care of it since it is a reflection of your brand. Make it part of your total strategy, and include it in your daily business thoughts. Don’t just build it and forget about it.


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