We’re all Winners. We need to believe that.


Yesterday the Chicago Cubs won. Their first win in 108 years. I have some Facebook fans who religiously watched and posted their their joy over the Cub’s win. I did not need to turn on the TV to know what was going on, I just needed to monitor the Facebook postings – my how times have changed.

This morning I woke thinking about the word Winners. I “googled” it and what came up was interesting. Did you know that there is a clothing line called Winners? But I wanted to see what else came up. CMA Winners. PCH Lists of Winners. Winners Art Directors Club of Europe.

The dictionary says the following about “Winner”

  • Someone or something that wins a contest, a prize, etc or
  • A very good or successful person or thing
  • Sports: the final goal, point, etc that wins a game.

Now, so far, I have not won a contest in my lifetime – yet.

Let’s look at a “very good or successful person or thing.” Not sure what is meant by “thing” but I thought more about a very good or successful person.”

I struggle with self esteem- it is something I work on daily. Some days I am successful at it and some days I am really lousy at it. Lots of time, I wish I feel a lot better about myself.

But all of us “benchmark” ourselves to make the determination if we are “successful” or winners. Sometimes it is simple as the fact that we’re alive, we have a roof over our heads and food on the table. For others, it is much more than that. Maybe it is the dollar amount that is in the bank, the type of vehicles they have in the garage and the clothing they wear. Everyone has their own perception and “benchmark”- if you will of -“success” and if we reach that or not, determines how we feel about ourselves ultimately.

The society unfortunately tends to put undue pressure on each of us. We’re measured – not really by our choice – sometimes by workplace, at our school, or among our family or worst at church. If we don’t look certain way, we don’t talk in a certain way, or we don’t wear certain clothing or have certain “things’ – then we don’t appear to be successful. Therefore we’re not successful.

We’re all unique – we all have our own talents – small or big- and at the end, we’re all winners in our own way. We should not judge one another but appreciate our differences and our own gifts. We’re winners.

Below is a link of a very interesting article I came across about talents and success while “googling” winners and success. Thought provoking. Let me know what you think:




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