Let’s collaborate and support Non Profits this month!


Happy November! November is nonprofit awareness month. Yes, I know it is also time of election, which is one week from now. But did you know that not for profits account for more than 10% of the private sector employment in the country?

For this month of November, in good spirits, here are some of the suggestions you can do to boost your passion and causes.

Share – your favorite not for profit organization may ask you to print out a flyer or post on a social media platform to share an story, or upcoming fundraiser event.

Volunteer – get involved. Share your experiences or knowledge with them. Volunteer your time.

Give – Make a donation and encourage others to give. And don’t forget, your donation is typically tax deductible. The Association of Fundraising Professionals provides these 5 P’s of Wise Giving. Another way of giving is giving some of your time. (Look at volunteering)

“Proverbs 11:25-26  Whoever brings blessing will be enriched, and one who waters will himself be watered.”

Learn – Understand more about your favorite not for profit organization and the cause(s) it supports. Get more knowledgeable. Learn more about the not for profit industry, dispel the myths about nonprofits.

Advocate – As you learn more about your cause and the not for profit you support, be their champion. The more awareness that is brought to your favorite nonprofit is certainly helps support their cause. It brings in opportunities for credibility, membership, donors, and volunteers.

Back in Michigan, I had a couple of non-profits I supported, one was God’s Helping Hands and the other was Meals on Wheels. During my short stay in North Carolina, I supported United Way of Rowan County and Meals on Wheels. Now I am here in lovely state of Georgia, I am looking around to find a non-profit to support. For myself I tend to support an art organization and a kitchen or pantry organization.

Do you have a favorite nonprofit?


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