I have so much to say and so much to learn

I just returned from Word Camp Birmingham Alabama and had a great time. Learned some new things, and met some really cool people. The next day I signed up for Meetups in my area (Atlanta, Georgia) and found some of the speakers Twitter profiles so I can stay in touch.

At WordCamp Birmingham, Alabama, they had put together great tracks – Blogger/Power User, Business/Freelance and Developer tracks. I went to two sessions on the Developer tracks and the rest were on the Blogger/PowerUser Tracks. I had my husband with me so he could go to the sessions I could not attend for me. I really appreciate his presence and he enjoyed some of the sessions as well since he is self-employed. He told me He enjoyed the keynote speaker, Corey, Nathan Ingram’s Confidence session, and Elizabeth Pampalone’s Business on a shoestring.

Now, for me – the last session was from Kathryn C Lang, who is a content writer, ghostwriter and a very prolific blogger. Her session was on how to post 30 blogs in 30 days without hurting yourself. I sat in it because I used to blog and have “fallen off the wagon” so to speak. I was interested in how she does it.

She has love of words. Plus she disciplines herself to do it. Basically she says – “Content is King. Consistency is Queen“. Got that. Then she says, if you can’t blog every day, try to blog once a week. If you can’t do that – at least try to blog once a month. Get started and then build up from there. That is the key word here. Get started and keep going. But be consistent. So, if I am to blog once a week,. She says, pick same day, same time to post. So that way I can plan when I am going to write. Discipline and organization is the trick.


Then while you’re planning, then you have to figure your social media activity that goes along with the blog, you know – tweet, post on Facebook or share on Instagram or Pinterest. That makes sense to me.

I plan my food shopping for the entire week. So, I certainly can plan my blogs – I just haven’t decided if I am going to do weekly or monthly.

The other challenge is what to talk about. She says – be yourself when it comes to this. Don’t try to be someone else. The words won’t flow. Be yourself in your writing. Everyone has a story. When you are sharing information, do your research and share your research. There are multitudes of topics we can talk about. Certainly there are lots of things we can talk and share about.

Lastly, she says, write. Don’t worry about edits until you are done. Write. (or type). Then when you are done, do the editing. I can relate to that, as a graphic designer or when I am working on a campaign, – when it comes to doing ideas, sketching ideas, developing ideas, I like to do as many as I can – sort of like “throwing spaghetti on the wall” and then when I feel I have exhausted my “well” – then I will stop, review the ideas, do the analysis of each ideas to see if they meet any of my clients criteria’s or objectives. One by one, they do get rejected. Some I usually keep and file away. Some I bundle together as a potential great idea for the client I am working with.

So, here it is – thanks to Kathryn C Lang, here are my first 300 to 500 words. I just wrote and I wrote more than 500 words. I started out with her in mind; the words just flowed. The final count of this blog comes to roughly 647. Eventually I will tighten up my topics and become more focused with my writing. At this point, I can see where my writings may include small business topics, art topics, and personal topics.


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  1. Thank you so much for sharing these words – and for connecting with me on Twitter (which is where I found them). You touched my heart and you reminded me that one touched heart make it ALL worth while. 😀

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