To Begin Again

Thanks goes to Maia Janashia Smith – a business owner of a boutique in downtown Salisbury to give me that rightful little nudge to get me going again. She began with a challenge – for the next 30 days to say, “Thank you Lord for . . . ” and to list 10 things in writing. 

For those who know and knew me, I had been a frequent blogger and in the past few years, I stopped. My life has gone through tremendous changes. Some good. Some not so good. But then again, a different perspective could be viewed at my experiences through what could be not so good. Perhaps as I said earlier – those were learning experiences.  Life is a journey.

To begin again. The thesaurus says for “begin again” – make a fresh start, go back to the drawing board, make a new beginning, and wipe the slate clean. Go back to square one, Go back to scratch.

I will add art here when I can.

Right here, though, I want to recall this verse from the bible, from Psalm 51, verse 10: “Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me.” 

Since there is a rain storm coming – I will give my thanks to the Lord

  1. for the rain – send the rain, oh yes, please send the rain, wash away my sins, my guilt, my fears, my shortcomings, and the stains, to renew in me a new spirit . .  . today and again. Again.
  2. for the storm – to remind me that they shall pass, thunderous as they must be, sometimes frightening, but like every troublesome times, they shall pass
  3. for the clouds – the beauty to see in them, I often desire to paint them. The clouds convey beauty, s above the sky, I wonder how close they are to heaven . . .
  4. for the thunder – the sound, rumble, the low growl, I am often tickled and thankful that there are mighty wonders out there made by our Wondrous God
  5. for the lightening- for the light, bright during the darkest times. The flash – though it comes during a the darkest hour, the light comes when it is needed the most. . .
  6. for the changes He brings – the storm changes, God brings the changes He knows we need, though we may not know or understand. It is up to us to see and pursue the changes He presents to us.
  7. for the water- the rain brings water to the planet earth, to feed us, to feed our animals. to feed our plants, crops and everything else He has made. Rejoice for He hath made these things for us. . .
  8. for the grass- I love being barefoot. When the grass is green and lush, especially after a fresh rain, it seems that the grass is greener for a bit. The feeling of lush green grass, I am thankful for.
  9. for the flowers – I love wildflowers, and native flowers. I am also thankful for all the natural creatures that help the flowers bloom. Including the bees.
  10. for the sun at the end of the storm – lastly, after the storm, I know that there is hope. The Lord God is with me then and always. He has never left me even when I felt alone during the darkest hours, feeling the needles from the pelting of the rain, trembling under the crack of the lightening and rumble of growls, I knew He was there. I just had to wait. Thank you for the sun that rises at the end of the storm.



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