Happy New Year!

It has been two years since the last post. I am now in North Carolina – in the piedmont section of North Carolina which is in the middle of the state. Between the mountains and the ocean, which I have come to found . . . perfect.  Yes, I have fallen in love with the state.  I am getting to know Salisbury, North Carolina – small town. Never experienced small town before and it does take getting used to.  It is a pretty cool town- Salisbury, that is. Full and rich with history. Lovely historic homes and downtown. Ya’ll have to come on down! (I don’t quite say it like that, I can’t, still today.) 🙂

The business we purchased – that is another story. It has been full of challenges. I wish I could say that it has been all good. We do have lots of wonderful and good clients, and we’re thankful for them. I find it hard it has  been a year and four months already. Sometimes it seems like ages ago and sometimes it seems like yesterday.

However, I have recently opened up my boxes of paint, brushes and papers. I opened up one set of canvas. Just joined the Carolina Artists. Might as well try to have a life outside of “work.” since I can’t keep fighting battles that I don’t seem to win right now. I have to find things that make me happy.

Found fiber paste and have applied it to a canvas.  Also found that half of my acrylic paint have dried out while being packed up for nearly two years. Need to see if there is a way to get them rejuvenated. Right now I have no “white.” – otherwise, I am not able to paint in my usual bright colors. I am “broke as a joke” right now . . . a quote I heard on Shark Tank. That is a good one.

What am I doing about it? I have a prospect list, I have a plan and timeline. I am doing cold calling. I am doing direct mail to the prospect list. I am staying positive and keeping the faith.

Until next time!


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