Day forty five – Valentines Day

Am I supposed to say, “Happy Valentine’s Day”? Isn’t that sentiment supposed to be towards loved ones, not to the public. Forgive me if I don’t shout it from the roof tops. I think you should tell the important members that you care about them . . .daily, or often, not just this one time to let them know. Or wait for special occasions either. You can never know what tomorrow will bring. They may not be here tomorrow. I buy myself flowers whenever I feel like it. I don’t expect my husband to get it for me. I know that he loves me and cherishes me daily in the small things he does every day.

Anyways, I’m at campus at College for Creative Studies, in between classes. Did my morning class. Now having lunch (tossed salad and fritos). We’re reviewing Annual reports, Income Statements and Balance Sheets. Fun stuff for artists or creatives. Not. I will be repeating it again for my afternoon class. First written assignment was last Friday. Students were to write company papers. I still get a few that come to me, saying, “Oh, I didn’t know that there was an assignment due. Can I still turn it in for credit?” The assignment has been up since January 17th. I have reviewed it a few times.  First reaction I want to give, is “No”. But I say, Yes for a partial credit.  This Friday is two assignments due – First is a bi-weekly and two business ideas. Lets see how that goes. I will be grading most of Saturday and Sunday.

I managed to get downstairs in the basement studio the night before last and work on the dog vest. Since the flannel shirt and sweatshirt did not have “enough material” – I had to piecemeal the vest together. It’s ok, right now. It’s rough. I got the top pieces sewed together. I got the underside serged together. Now I need to sew the top and underside together and finish it off. I have another flannel shirt and sweatshirt to do another one. I have washed and dried the fabric I picked up that I hope to do table cloth and a pouch out of.

I met with Linda of South Street Skateshop midweek to review items for DECK ART 2014 – our fourth annual deck art community-wide competition and exhibition held in Downtown Rochester.  This event is scheduled for May 15-16, 2014.


We’ll be meeting again soon with Stephanie from Rochester DDA to discuss food vendors and Thursday night children activities. I look forward to this event to see all the wonderful art done on these blank skateboard canvases! Want to participate? Click here to register!

This is also held at the same time when Barnes and Noble of Rochester Hills will be featuring Stoney Creek High School Art Department Exhibition. Another event worthy of checking out as well. They are located at 2800 South Rochester Road, Rochester Hills. Shout of Thanks goes to Ryan Porter, Community Relations Manager of Barnes and Noble, Diane Hoffman and Diane Heath, art teacher of Stoney Creek High School of putting this exhibition together.

In May I will also be featuring Cindy Aubry Parsons, Oakland Twp., artist at Fieldstone Winery.  The opening reception for the artist will be held on Friday, May 9th. So, yes,  May will be wonderfully busy – CCS semester wraps up on the 9th as well.

Still working on the Ladies Night out for April. Trying to get more “yes’s”.

One of my artist friends asked if I would be available later this year to conduct workshops on botanical monoprints and possibly cyanoprints at her place – of course, I said yes. She has a wonderful perennial and native plant garden in her home to take advantage for wonderful creations! Plus she is a cat lover and a fantastic ceramic artist. Visit her Blog. Thus making spring and summer looking good!

I always like looking forward. Don’t you?

Carpe Diem.






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