day forty two

I can’t wait for tomorrow – why? I ordered a book from Amazon, it’s titled, “The Complete Serger Handbook“. Can’t wait to see and read what is in it. I have picked up some beautiful red and black floral fabric that I hope to make several or few items out of. Tablecloth is one of them. A pouch is another – it will go great with my red purse.

If you recall, week five in The Complete Artist Way – one of the tasks was to collect images of things I wished I owned.  Below is a etching press from Dick Blick. I love making monoprints, currently I am doing watercolor monoprints, but would love to do oil and acrylic monoprints. I am unable to do those without the press because those ‘paints” require more pressure than watercolor. To do the watercolor monoprints, I can get away with using a brayer and rubbing a wooden spoon to transfer image onto the paper. Oil and watercolor require solid, consistent pressure to work. I have attempted to do with brayer and spoon without much success. This etching press will cost me to the tune of $1500. I was looking at a much smaller one for $978 and felt that I would be unhappy with the smaller size outcomes. This one I would be happy with and plus I can do linocut, wood block and plates if I so desire.


Mu husband knows that I desire such press and how many times I’ve sacrificed getting it (I’ve come close a couple of times) but ended up using the funds to pay for other things instead. Seems like every time I have the funds, something else comes up and we have to use the funds to pay for it. I told him that next time, it isn’t happening.


I also want these set of tools for lino and woodblock printing. They are available at McClains. Awesome website by the way. I hope to take some printing classes this spring/summer at Signal Press or at the BBAC or both. I am supposed to list 10 items that I would like to own. At this point, I am pretty happy with what I have, I just want to have my artist studio – it needs to be warm, and equipped with tools to do what I want to do. The etching press is a start. I need storage and shelving for certain items, but that can come when the weather gets warmer, I can shop at garage sales, or craigslist.

This week is Friday night with a couple at their house, Saturday night with a couple at Red Lobster,  and Sunday, another day of grading. As always, the week and weekends goes by fast.

Next Saturday is artist reception at Fieldstone Winery for Detroit Artist, Michelle Tanguay.  Starting Friday through Sunday, February 21-23, it is the Motor City Tattoo Convention in Detroit – we want to go to that to check out the latest artists and trends.

I have just signed up for wine tasting class at Victoria’s Reserve in Goodison for Monday evening, February 24th. That day at the Chamber, we have a ribbon cutting for a small manufacturing company on South Street at 4 pm, from which I will go to and then head over to Victoria’s.

I am going to sign off so I can head downstairs for a bit.

Carpe Diem




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