day thirty nine

I’m hungry. Waiting for hubs to come home from yoga so we can get something to eat. I’ve gotten my hair trimmed and prepped some items for the lasagna for dinner tonight. (Mixed the ricotta cheese and cooked the meat). Then we’re off to do a couple of errands before we head back home for the afternoon to get ready for the evening.

Here’s the lasagna:


I think I make the best lasagna around. I love it “meaty and cheesy.” – it sits a mile high and weighs a ton. 😉


While having my hair done, my hair stylist and I talked about various topics, the Olympics opening ceremony, my girl’s night out idea, going to Red Bull, her window and comments she received about her mannequin in her window.  She owns a salon and spa on main street with a window that faces main street. For valentines, she’s attempting to “dress” it up to draw attention to her business like any smart business person. But it is funny how people look at her mannequin and tell her that she needs to put “something” on it. I mean, this mannequin is not a full figured, real detailed thing. Put something on it? Really? It lacks a face, it is more “abstract” than anything that allows for creativity. The concept she has in mind is very urban, cool and modern.

At Fieldstone Winery – artist Michelle Tanguay is featured for the month of February. Reception for the artist is on Saturday, February 22nd. The photo below shows how some of her pieces look at the winery after it was hung.


Tonight after dinner is the opening reception for Paint a Miracle at Belian Art Center in Troy.  All in all, I think this evening is going to turn out nice.
Tomorrow is a day of grading and school work.

Carpe Diem.






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