day thirty eight – virtue trap

Eating oatmeal with blueberries for breakfast this morning. Need something to warm my belly since its a balmy 2 degrees with a minus 15 wind chill. Will be heading out soon to head to College for Creative Studies campus.

This week’s chapter of The Complete Artist Way talks about “Virtue Trap.” – you know, you feel guilty for what you want versus what you feel is your obligation. An example would be a man really wants to take photography classes but feels he shouldn’t because it would take time away from him being with his young family. Or the woman wants to take pottery classes but feels guilty about it because she needs to be at home and the money should be spent for things needed at home. That’s “virtue trap.” I have done it many, many times to myself.

She states in her book, that “we” are afraid to appear “selfish” and as a result of this virtue trap, we lose our self. Ouch.

The author says, to the reader – are we self destructive? If we continue down this path of being Martyred Mary  or Fabulous Fred, – we are being self destructive to “us” – who we are. Our needs.

There is a quiz you answer and then an “forbidden joys exercise and a wish list exercise. And then tasks for the week. One of the items she asks is to list the 10 items that I would like to “own” that I dont. She suggests collect images of those ten items. The other is gathering image files of desires.

I do think about this quite a bit because I believe it has gotten me to where i am now. My choices and decisions made for the sake of others, not necessarily mine. I do know one thing – it is something I want to stop doing.  My other challenge is what it is that I really want to do from hereon in.

Alas. It is time for me to get going on my day.

Carpe Diem



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