Day twenty nine – its still cold no matter what

It is still cold outside with minus temperatures. I’m just going to head out the door an half hour earlier to see if I can survive the roads. 

One of the tasks that was assigned from The Complete Artists Way was to describe my ideal environment. That is easy – a large space with lots of sun, partially surrounded by nature through the windows and inside it is modernistic, but cozy. Near town that I would walk to for coffee or tea to get a break.  I have that almost currently – but i have to drive to town – and it only takes me about 7 to 10 minutes. So I can’t complain too much. 

Then it asks me to look at my house to see if I could make a secret private space for myself – and the answer is that i have already done that. I am still working on that space – would like to take out the carpet and replace it with light hickory floors, add a ceiling fan, and add french doors. I also decided that I would like to remove one of the desks that is currently there. Streamline it down to one bookshelf. It is my favorite room. I am thinking I would like to work on it in late Spring or early summer. At least accomplish the floor and removal of the desk. There are two rooms I would like to work on this winter which is to paint the guest room and the sound room. I have the colors already picked out. 

Hubs is in Grand Rapids where it is colder than it is “down here.” – he left wearing long johns under his work clothes. That is a first. 

Our kid lives in Minnesota where it has been in the below zero temps a lot longer than it has been here in Michigan. Somehow they are enduring it. I say they are all crazy. Unfortunately this weird cold is hitting the south which is not accustomed to snow or below 30 temps  – they have closed their schools, and drivers are not handling the roads quite well. 

Someone posted on Facebook that it was only 55 days until Spring. It is not coming fast enough. It seems so far away. 

My favorite seasons are Fall, Spring and Summer. 

Carpe Diem.

Christine Laikind





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