day twenty eight

It dropped below zero again today. Woke up to – 11 degrees, icy and dangerously slippery roads. My husband said “stay home.”  I got a text from a girlfriend’s husband who went out on the road, and nearly went off the road at the bridge on M-59 and Rochester Road. He told her to stay home. She texted me and told me to stay home. Ok, I STAYED HOME. I stayed in my home office studio upstairs. No going downstairs to my artist studio in the basement – it is too cold.

So, I spent the time on the computer taking care of few things. One was designing some sort of logo that the Chamber can use for “We Love Our Members” – we’re launching a campaign in February for membership retention and engagement.

Here are some ideas I came up with:




The concept had to be simple so it can be used on paper, on the web and in email. I think any of the three works. My favorite is the top one. But the office will vote. What do you think?

Then I worked on the fundraiser I am going to launch in April – its going to be in the form of Ladies Night Out in Downtown Rochester. I’ve got the host venue and partner picked – it’s Fieldstone Winery. The date is set – Thursday, April 24, 2014. I got the “grand prize” giveaway – which is a weekend getaway for two at the Royal Park Hotel.

I emailed 20 downtown Merchants

I emailed nine artists

I emailed two not for profit organizations

Now, I am waiting for responses. I have gotten three “yeses” and one “no.”

I need to find a sponsor for the hotel package giveaway.

I designed a couple of logos for the Ladies Night out: I think I like the top one again. Your thoughts are appreciated.


I have read chapter four from “The Complete Artists Way” last night. It was a good read. The author states that some people think that creative life is grounded in fantasty. The truth is that creative life is grounded in reality.

She writes that as we clarify our perceptions, we lose our misconceptions. As we eliminate ambiguity, we lose illusion as well. We arrive at clarity and clarity creates change.

As we (I) write these “morning papers” – or they are my evening papers lately – in addition to posing problems, I may pose solutions. Sometimes it comes in the form of search and discard impulse – that means two crosscurrents are at work, I am leaving the old and grieving, while the I celebrate the new, growing strong in change.

She gives some exercises and tasks. Plus no reading this week (just the artist way book and school work only).

Here are the exercises:

List five hobbies that sound fun:

List five classes that sound fun:

List five things you personally would NEVER do that sound fun:

List five skills that would be fun to have:

List five things you used to enjoy doing:

List five silly things you would like to try once:

Now, the tasks are numerous. They involve describing my ideal environment, experiencing time travel, and cleaning out my closet. Will try to do those tasks through out the week. I also have gotten started on my grantwriting class. I need to read my APA manual to answer homework questions.  Most of the students are from Montana, some are from Iowa, and nearby states. I’m the only one from Michigan.

Tomorrow I will head off to the office. It will be slightly warmer than today.

Carpe Diem





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