day twenty six

Oh, its snowing. Oh, its cold. This winter has definitely tested my limits of this season. I don’t want to go out. I want to hibernate. But I have to go out to Costco and pick up dog food, otherwise poor Phoebe wont have any food beyond Monday. If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t be going out – period. 

There is a tattoo convention coming next month – the 19th Annual Motor City Tattoos, coming to the Detroit Marriot at the Renaissance Center. There are two tattoo artists that I really like that are coming to this convention – Jime Litwalk and Joe Capobianco. I am bummed that one female tattoo artist is not on the list, and that is Teresa Sharpe

We have gone to this convention before, but it was a while ago, I think it was five years ago or so. My husband and I plan on attending the convention this year – it runs from Friday through Sunday in mid February 2014. I like tattoo art and wouldn’t mind a few more on me. But can’t afford them right now. Rather collect things to make art or sew things. Or save for future motorcycle travels. 

Plans for today is cooking, reading, and prepping for this week. Hubs leaves me again tomorrow until Thursday. 

Cooking sloppy joes for lunch, carmel chicken over rice for dinner. 

Reading The Artist Way, plus re-read the chapters in Grant Writing and see if I can post onto my class tonight. 

Take care of bills. Go to Costco – that is the ONLY outside trip I’m going to make!


Maybe I can sew? or Paint? I hope. 

Carpe Diem!







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