day twenty two- childhood memories

My childhood memories of drawing is that I did them quite a bit. I did them for school work and that is what mostly got me onto honor roll or being the best student. It was because I always went above what was asked of the assignment. For example, in english or history or biology or science, I remember I would make a book, draw the cover, or draw the subject matter that I was researching. I was thorough on my paper, and it was neatly presented. 

My favorite class in school was always art. Even though I pretty much excelled in the other classes (except math), my favorite class, the one I always looked forward going to, was art. 

I also remember drawing people, they were mostly people of the stories I would make up. I made stories – usually I had a female heroine. Then I would draw the characters of my stories. 

When Star Wars first came out in 1977, I would draw mostly the scenes that were embedded in my mind. The walking giants, the spaceships, and the characters. 

Nowadays, I don’t draw people much. There are no heroines. I do still lifes, landscapes, plants, cats, and abstract, mixed media pieces. I dream of doing large paintings of skies, and  large colorful perennial gardens. 

Drawing during my childhood and doing homework, reading, researching, were my “escapes” – my bedroom was always my haven. It was where I drew, wrote, read, did my homework above what was expected. My stories were of a world made better, triumphing over difficulties, and overcoming evil people. I remember in one house I had a small mini storage cubicle in one of my bedroom. It was where I hid my stories, my drawings. When I had to move again, they were all thrown away. I don’t have any one of those drawings, or stories kept. 

I will be a student again soon – the class is on grant writing – and I know as usual, true to my nature, I will attempt to go above and beyond what the expectations are. What drives me so? I have no idea, really. Part of it is just to show others that I am just like everyone else. I know that at this stage of my life and age, I don’t need to worry about it. 

It’s time for me to get going on my day. 

Carpe Diem




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