Day Eighteen

Yesterday I came home from lecturing two classes at CCS, I wanted to do mindless, brainless things. Like sit down and read a mindless book. Ever want to do that?  I picked up a book, (fictional book) and sat down on the couch and began reading. I read through the entire evening that I finished the book. 

Now this morning, I am all raring to go. Right now eating oatmeal with fresh blueberries. Then its shower before heading off to College for Creative Studies, again – this time to judge for the Scholastic Arts. I will be gone for most of the day. My husband who had been ill since this past Sunday is now finally well. He leaves me again on Tuesday to go to San Diego, California for the week. 

I am reading week three in Julia Cameron’s The Complete Artist’s Way. I have not finished yet, but in the beginning of the chapter she discusses anger – and that it is a “good friend” and it is something we should pay attention to, not ignore. I’ll point out some examples in the blog tomorrow. I need to finish reading the rest of the chapter. 

I’m typing this and attempting to eat. Multi-tasking, I think is for the birds sometimes. 

I was not able to accomplish much this week and do feel bad about it, but I am going to move on, go onto the new week. That’s me – I don’t look back, I’d much rather keep looking forward and moving forward. 

It’s time for me to get cleaned up. 

Carpe Diem



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