Day Sixteen

This is not a morning paper, obviously since it is nearly 7 pm as I begin this. It has been on my mind since I know I missed doing one yesterday and I did not want to miss doing one today. 

So where do I begin?

I realize that I miss being “downstairs”  – really. The last time I was down there was on Sunday, I was happily painting and sewing. Today it’s Thursday. Yesterday I wanted to go down there, but I came home later in the evening due to me attending an after work networking event at Rojo. It was not long after I was asleep – my husband said it was shortly after 9 am. I was reading, and somehow, I fell asleep. 

Today, after working at the chamber,  it was preparing for my first day of class at College for Creative Studies, where I am an adjunct professor. I had the blackboard pretty much all done, except for my first day lectures. I also got a head start on my lecture for week two and week three. So, that is good. 

It’s been a pretty full week – I missed going to a board meeting for Paint A Miracle – that I was sad about. The Chamber was actually starting its first full week this week and I needed to put my full attention to it this week. 

Tomorrow I am looking forward to my two classes – meeting the students who are mostly juniors, seniors, some are sophomores. I have one freshman – who I feel is going to feel this class is out of his league. But I need to meet him first before I make the call to talk with him. It is a very reading, research and essay intensive course. It requires a certain amount of discipline. By the time the CCS students have reached their third year, they’ve developed some time management skills necessary to manage this course. 

Entrepreneurship and teaching “creative professionals” on business principles and practices is something I am very passionate about. 

Saturday I am judging again for Scholastic Arts – this time back at CCS again, this will be for Wayne, Oakland, Genesse Counties. This group has judging for two days, I only offered to help on Saturday, not on both days. 

I am really hoping I will get “studio” time this weekend! 

I have not given much thought to the tasks that Julia assigned me for week two and it is nearly over. I will keep moving on. I was not able to take the 20 things that I enjoy doing and making it into a goal. 

We got a little bit more snow this evening – which did not make me happy. About another inch. As long as the morning tomorrow is clear, I am good – I do not enjoy traveling on I-75 south when the traffic is congested due to slow drivers because of weather conditions. 

Friday evening there is an opening reception for Blake at Fieldstone Winery in downtown Rochester. It starts at 6 pm and ends around 9 pm. There is also one at Paint Creek Center for the Arts, called Surface/Space. Starts at 7 pm. 

Let’s see how things go tomorrow. 

Carpe Diem



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