Day twelve – details

I just had my breakfast – banana and peanut butter smoothie made out of almond milk with a tablespoon of cream of wheat. A squeeze of honey and a dash of vanilla also added to it. 

Yesterday I got my binders ready for my two classes at College for Creative Studies. This morning I got my binder ready for my own class in grant writing. Put my first week assignment in my calendar – to read required chapters one week before the class starts. 

My husband woke this morning – said that he thinks he’s coming down with a flu. I promptly told him he’s to stay away from me. I did get my flu shot, but ugh! I don’t need to come down with anything this week – too much to do, so much going on. 

Anyways, it has been nearly two weeks since I’ve started this morning papers. I read chapter two of “The Complete Artists Way” this morning. She discusses various things – crazy makers, skepticism, attention and rules of the road. At the end she assigns tasks. I enjoy looking at the tasks she assigns. 

Julia Cameron writes about attention – she states that attention is a way to connect and survive. She writes about how she enjoyed the letters she used to receive from her grandmother. “Flora and fauna reports” is what she called the letters she received from her grandmother, because her grandmother would describe such things from her garden, as an example “The forsythia is starting and this morning I saw my first robin, . . . and so on” When in reality, her grandmother was suffering a hard life. Not once her letters mentioned the hard life, just the beautiful details around her garden. Julia thought that life through grandma’s eyes was a series of small miracles. 

Then she wrote about her own attention when she went through a divorce. How on her lonely walks, she befriended a gray striped cat, and they would go on walks together, enjoying the scenes such a the lavender float of jacaranda blossoms. She felt  that the reward for attention was healing. 

For me, my healing and overcoming loneliness, I enjoy the “small miracles” around me. I love looking at the sky and the clouds. My favorite times are the sunrises and the sunsets. I would love to do nothing but paint them all the time. Big paintings. Of sunrises and sunsets. I think I should add that to my “bucket list.” They are the ones that inspired healing in me – telling me that all was ok in the world. Even though I felt lonely, the vastness the sky did not make me feel more lonely, but enveloped by the Greater Being that is above the clouds. I loved the colors I see every time, I would imagine it was HIM at the canvas, painting those colors. He is an abstract artist himself. Those splashes of colors, are amazing! It is never dull or boring. 

Now for tasks, there are quite a few, such as listing 20 things I enjoy doing. Then from the 20 things I enjoy doing, I am to pick the two that I haven’t done and make them my goal for this week. I have to think about that for a while. 

Then she wants me to go back to the five imaginary lives – remember those – cook, carpenter, lawyer and so on? She would like to see if I can add five more. Then check to see if I could be doing bits and pieces of those lives that I can be living in now. For example, if I had listed a monk’s life, she suggested that I go on a retreat. 

There are more, and I will try to share them as I go through this week. Most of them are to make them into goals for this week and beyond. 

Carpe Diem.



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