Day eleven – mistakes

My husband is back home from his week long trip to the CES Expo in Las Vegas. He goes there every year as part of his job as a manufacturers rep. There is always something new. The key word this year is the “Cloud” and “cloud to the consumer”. If you’re not sure what that means – that means you can access services and products through the “cloud” or via Internet. No more brick and mortar or middleman. That is what is means in a short sentence. We have been talking about that for the past two years,  how it impacts many facets of business and economy as well how consumers will buy. In terms of retail and manufacturing, If you don’t change now, you will be left behind in dust.

I am glad he is back home. Today’s temperatures are up in the 40’s. Snow is melting but it is also raining. Water, water is everywhere. Oh joy.

It is day eleven – I was happy yesterday because I spent most of the afternoon and evening downstairs in my basement studio. Learning. Using the sewing machine and serger. I picked up a serger for a really really good deal. It took me two hours to finally get it operational. First time I threaded the serger, I had used the guide that was on the serger machine (not in the manual). I thought, hey, I did it and that wasn’t so bad.  Then whenever I attempted to adjust the “tension” – nothing seemed to work. Everything was so loose. The loops and the stitches. I pulled up my ipad and googled, troubleshooting serger. Found that perhaps I had not threaded the serger properly could be one of the reasons why I was having troubles. Huh. Ok. I reached for the product manual – sure enough, there were a couple of areas that I missed that the serger guide does NOT tell you were to run the threads through. So, I had to re-thread the machine again. Finally! Got it working! The loops and stitches were working! Then I started running into where the threads would not stay “threaded” – it kept breaking. I had one part of the threading where the loop would not stay threaded and found that I was not threading properly. I got that finally. Hence the reason why it took me two hours to get it operational.

* It is now 3:38 pm. I had started on this morning paper at 10 am while my husband was getting cleaned up, and then it was time for me to get cleaned up because we were both pretty hungry. We ate at National Coney. Afterwards we stopped at his office to pick up canned lights that our friends ordered for their new kitchen and delivered it to them. It wasn’t until about 2:30 or so by the time we got home. We stopped at the food store to pick up the makings for Jambalaya for dinner tonight. We ‘re in for the night.

Back to what I was talking about – sewing. I am learning quite a bit through the mistakes I am making in the sewing. I made two coffee buddies and iPad cover. The iPad cover, made out of scraps of old jeans and chino shorts, ended up being an inch too small on the sides, so, it will be my paperback/ book cover instead. The iPad cover was something I made up on the fly – inspired by a pattern I saw for a laptop cover. But as I was making it, I realized that there were certain things I was going wrong. I figured I would keep going since I was learning as I was working on it. I still plan on making an iPad cover, this time, I know what I would do differently. The two coffee buddies I made – one is complete and is in the trash. I did not like using the quilt batting in it. It was too thick I thought for a coffee buddy and decided that I would not use it ever. The second one is almost complete and am happy with it. I used fusible web instead of quilt batting – it allowed for stiffness that is needed but not too thick and bulky. I still want to find something to make it a little bit more thicker than two pieces of fabric – maybe one side is fabric and the other side is sort of like fleece? I also made a cloth holder out of old jeans as well, for my rotary cutter. By the way, I love my rotary cutter!

Ultimately,  I hope to make art quilts with the serger and sewing machine. But I need to learn  before I get to that. Straight lines are important. I don’t think I will have problems with designs. I need to understand my machines – so I want to try many different little projects that would allow me to understand how each machine works and feels. The pedals between the two machines are different and that is one major adjustment I have to make as I switch from one to the other. Nevertheless, I am happy and excited.

So, I have been “pinning” a lot of ideas and things on my Pinterest page. You can find it under Chrissy’s Studio. I have art, prints, gardening, cooking, sewing and a few other boards.

Yesterday I also wrote up a couple of rough drafts of letters of invitations for the Chamber that is to be sent out to non-members or members who have not renewed with the Chamber. E-mailed that over to the office. So I have the skill to write persuasive papers. I need to clear my mind to work on other things for Paint A Miracle.

Lastly, I have received some comments and encouragement from some of you already and I really appreciate it. I need that too. Thank you and keep sharing with me what you’re doing.

Carpe Diem



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