Day eight and nine

I only have a few minutes to write this blog this morning. I woke to the news of my second home and family, Rochester Church of Christ had suffered massive and catastrophic flooding to its building due to a main pipe that bursted. The photos on their Facebook is unbelievable in the display of the amount of water that is everywhere in the church building. 

I am sad and wondering how and what we can do to help. Feeling helpless too. Awaiting to hear from our minister Adam Hill on where we will go from here. I do not want to go anywhere else. 

As for my lack of posting the other day – it was because I had a migraine triggered -and then dealt with the residual affects. Today I am ok, just tired. 

It is still cold out there – its been too cold for me to go down in the basement to paint or sew. My little electric heater can barely keep my feet warm, even with slippers on. RIght now this morning it is a minus 3 and it is supposed to reach 18 degrees. Friday is supposed to reach 36 degrees! A heat wave! 

It is time for me to get moving on my day – off to the chamber. 

Carpe Diem.



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