Day seven – its below zero here

I woke this morning to temperatures of negative 11 degrees. According to the weather man, the last time it was this cold was back in 1924. It took me a while to get out of bed since it was pretty warm. Nuri, my oriental was curled up next to my hip. Whenever I reached out to touch her, she would immediately purr. While I was laying in bed, I began to realize that my dog, Phoebe was laying on the right side of the bed, and she was next to the heat duct. Typically she lays in her crate in another bedroom. I would imagine the creaking house – it probably creaked and groaned due to the cold – made her come into the bedroom for security. 

Now as I’m sipping my coffee in my kitchen, I have a couple of concerns – one is being able to get out of the garage – will my garage door opener work and will my 2004 Buick Century start in this cold? The other is being able to drive to and through downtown Rochester to get to the Chamber office on slippery roads. We shall see. (Yes, my driveway got plowed yesterday). 

Prior to doing some art, I spent some time tweaking my resume, and my linkedin profile. I think both are good for 2014. One should always update it – at least every year. 

Now, I worked on line drawings from the Dwarf Lake Iris photo. I cut out 3 x 2 viewfinder out of card stock and then used some tracing paper to create four line drawings. They were also posted on Chrissy’s Studio facebook page last night. But here they are below:

Drawing 1:


Drawing 2



Drawing 3


Drawing 4




While I was doing them, I found that my desire of the photo lessened. I did not like it as much. Does that make sense? I also made a discovery in the photo – there is a twine buried among the leaves and pine needles. Anyways, of the four drawings, I think I liked Drawing 3 and Drawing 4. 

Of those two drawings, I think I am going to work Drawing 3 into more of a finished concept. First plan is to blow it up 200%, experiment with color and then enlarge it to 400% to make it a finished work. While I am experimenting with color with it, it will give me an idea on how to make it as a finished work. This will be the stamp concept as well at 7″ x 5″. 

It is time for me to get moving to see what the day will bring. 

Carpe Diem. 





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