Day four

I’m a little late on the morning pages. Woke late – a good thing because I finally got a good night sleep. I only had an hour this morning to get my coffee, my breakfast, shower and check the news before I had to head out to Lorenzo Cultural Center to judge for the Scholastic Arts and Writing. 

This morning made me aware of routines. I usually get up first, have my coffee, read the news (CNN, Detroit Free Press, and Detroit News) before heading into the shower and get dressed.  Then I would eat before heading out the door. But due to having a short period of time, my routine was changed – I had to shower and dress before having coffee. My news reading time was short – 15 minutes instead of 30 minutes. Then it was time for me to get something to eat before heading out the door. Every morning, it has been my routine – with a few occasional changes due to certain obligations that causes the “routine” to change. I am looking to add physical fitness into my routine somehow. I hope I can add it – at least four days a week. What I would like to start out with is Pilates, yoga and swimming. But i figure I would start with Pilates and yoga first and add swimming later.

Since I am also going onto this journey – I must keep up with the morning pages, artist dates and my desire to create more artwork. That needs to be added into my routine as well. 

I have also been purging. Last Tuesday, I cleaned out the wooden storage unit we have in our basement. It is now half empty. Some items ended up in the trash. Some items were set aside for donations. I decided that I was going to pack up my fine china in the kitchen cabinets and store them in the storage unit in the basement. Before doing that, I went on Amazon and ordered fine china storage boxes. They just arrived today. Then the next day, last Wednesday, I went into the kitchen, purged all the drawers. My goodness. What stuff was accumulated. Pennies. Crayons. Wire wraps. Tons of those. I found duplicates or triplicates- three peelers. Located our missing paring knife. Three meat temperature thermostats. Now my drawers are all nice, clean, and organized.  This week, I will pack up my fine china, pack up some extra coffee mugs and wine glasses that we’ll give to Charles when he has his own place, donate some items that we don’t use anymore, and re-organize the cabinets.  

I’ve already cleaned out our master bedroom closets, drawer, our kid’s bedroom closet,  the guest bedroom closet and the only closet I haven’t gotten to is the linen closet.  

We’ve been in this house for almost 15 years, it was time. It is amazing how time just flies by or we call it, “life got in the  way” – and we needed to do these things – clean up. organize. update. repair. whatever since it is now just the two of us. We’ve been empty nesters for nearly five years. I hope to paint one or two of the bedrooms this winter. To paint the rest of the house, I will definitely hire a painter to do that. Then would like to update the second bathroom and the kitchen. Just found out that there is no value in finishing the basement. So, we’ll just keep it organized and clean. 

We have a winter storm warning coming for tomorrow. Stores and gas lines have long lines of people. When I left Lorenzo at 1 pm, I went to Costco to fill up on gas. There was a long line there. Took me about 25 minutes to get to a pump. Then I came home, decided on what I needed for dinner tonight and tomorrow, went back out to Nino’s to go food shopping. Every lane was open and filled. But we were able to get through quickly. But the store was full of people. I was already stocked for everything else except for dinner for tonight and tomorrow, as a result, it was only a few items that I was picking up. The so called storm has people in their what I call their storm mode – they are stocking up for the worst. Some people were pretty rude. 

Took a nap and then now I am writing this late morning paper. I guess we can’t call it morning paper. We’ll call it afternoon paper. One of the things (there were five) that Julia of “The Artist Way” suggested that I do this week – is think about the five other things I would do if I wasn’t doing what I am doing right now. I wrote down the following thus far: I’d be a cook, a curator for a art museum, a carpenter, a lawyer, and an art teacher. The one that I thought was interesting and funny is the lawyer part. I guess that would be other side of me since I do use both my right and left side of the brain. The cook and carpenter shows my inclination and desire to use my hands. The curator and art teacher shows my love for the arts and my desire to show, share and educate others of the knowledge.  Am I using my hands today in my workplace? No. Unfortunately not. However, I do at home – in the creation of my pieces, I cook at home, I fix things around the house, and I garden. Those are the only ways I use my hands at home.  Am I showing, sharing and educating others today – yes, partly – as an adjunct instructor and as a membership manager. What about the lawyer part? I would guess it would be the research, compiling, writing, making the argument and presentation. Am I doing that today in my workplace? yes, partly – as an adjunct and as a membership manager. All together,  – they also are part of the creative part of me – the artist part of me. It all fits. Do you see it? 

Carpe Diem. 



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  1. Hey Christine, I’m avidly reading your entries. I signed up for Leslie Saeta’s (a California artist who does a weekly radio blog to help other artists with marketing ideas) challenge to paint 30 paintings in 30 days. As usual I over challenged myself and took 3 days to do my first one (it is big so I don’t feel bad about taking 3 days). But I’m really struggling with ideas about what to paint, I’m back to the what’s my genre discussion in my head. So I’m doing the things you talk about from the book, and have been writing everyday and thinking about the other things. Thank you for the information and exercises. I don’t know if it will help or not yet but I’m hoping.
    I also wanted to chime in here on the Pilates idea: I’ve been doing workouts at Xtend Barre (in Citywalk mall at rochester & Tienken) and it is a fantastic workout that is Pilates, yoga, and stretching. First visit is free. Check it out.
    Cindy P

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