Day three

I am tired again. Another night of restless sleep. This time I don’t remember any of my dreams. I woke up hot, sweaty and disoriented. Took me awhile to figure out what day and time it was. 

Today we’re driving Charles to the airport so that he may return back home to Minnesota. It is always a sad time for us since we only see him about two times a year. Our two weeks together – as always- seems to go by too fast. 

Yesterday the snowfall pretty much confined us to the house due to unsafe conditions of the road. We did venture out for a little bit. One of the stops we made was at Barnes and noble where I picked up the latest issue of cloth paper and scissors magazine. I picked it up because their topic was “home” and the various projects revolved around what home represented to many mixed media artists. 

Lately I’ve been thinking on and off of a topic that I’ve called “come to the table.” I would like to create pieces for that topic plus do a collaborative show around it as well. Then would like to find six venues – like a rotating or moving exhibition with the last one as a closing reception. 

I suppose “come to the table” has connections to the word “home” too. But I believe those words mean and represent different things to different people. right now for me, I want to expand my “circles” as I call it.  I would like to grow in my relationships with others. “come to the table” to me represents closeness, bonding, sharing among group of people. Those “people” aren’t necessarily family members. 

We watched a couple movies yesterday – each vastly different from the other. One was called the best exotic marigold hotel and the other was in the shadows of Motown.”

both were enjoyable – I felt the best exotic marigold hotel played out like a book. A cast of characters, each with their own story come together to this one place to make a discovery and that is – it’s not too late to make changes. Live the life as you wish you live. 

In the shadows of Motown was about the funk brothers, the creators of Motown sound. The funk brothers never received the glory they deserved. But it was wonderful listening to their musical creations performed again by various current singers. My favorite song of the whole movie is “what becomes of the broken hearted” sung by joan osborne. 


It is nearly time for us to leave to take Charles to the airport. I am chowing down a toast with peanut butter. I only have a few items on my agenda for today. Tomorrow I will be at Lorenzo Cultural Center judging for Scholastic Arts.

Carpe Diem.



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